Selling a Home

Your property is most likely one of your largest assets and when it comes time to sell, you want to achieve the best price possible. Many sellers appreciate the value in their own home and already have an idea of how much they want to sell it for.

Andrew will help you through the selling process, first by providing you with a comprehensive Market Valuation that will give an indication of where your peoprty should be in terms of the listed price. The Market Valuation report will give you examples of other properties that have recently sold, and those that are currently on the market and available for purchase. In the report, we'll show you where we think your property should be listed, giving you a range of options, from a low price point - for a quick sale and less time on the market, to a high price point, where you may receive more for your home, but it may take longer to sell.

Where do you start?

The first step in selling your home is to contact Andrew and arrange for a market valuation, I'll do some leg work to get you on the road to selling your property and will provide you with some checklists that will help you get your property ready for sale.

Preparing your home

We've put together a few hints and tips in our blog to get you thinking about how your home should be presented to a potential buyer, and getting started early is a good idea. Try to look at your home objectively, what would your buyers be seeing?  Would they see past paint chips and decor or do you need to spruce things up before we list?

To find out more about listing your home, contact Andrew at (250) 327-1593.