Buying a Home - Explaining the Process

There are several steps to buying your own home in Canada, whether you are a first-time buyer, relocating, upgrading or downsizing. Andrew will help you to navigate through the buying process and will assist you in your property search. Using years of marketing experience, I will find qualified homes that match your requirements, sifting through property listings and providing you with qualified candidates that we can view together.

From our initial meeting to the moment you close the door with the keys in your hand, I am there to work for you. My skills are fully at your disposal to find the right home for you. I will provide you with unbiased advice and a critical eye to ensure that the properties we look at are good options for you and will recommend several professional services to assist you complete your purchase.

The key steps to home ownership are:

Making the decision to move

It sounds funny, but sometimes the decision to move may be subject to external influences, or may be something that you have been toying with but haven't really made that final decision. Buying a home or relocating is one of the most stressful things you can do, my job is to help you manage the stress of moving and provide answers when you need them. Being prepared to make decisions and set goals is and essential component.

Preparing the Finance

Many people think about moving home but don't fully consider the costs that are involved.  Whetehr you are buying a home, or selling one first, I will help you understand the costs involved and will work with you to ensure you have the right financial advisors and financing in place.

Finding the Right Home

We will spend some time discussing the ideal property - often there may be properties on the market that either meet or exceed your requirements and my job is to make sure you know what is available, where and at what price. I'm a natural problem solver and think out of the box, so when you decide you really need that hot tub in the yard, be prepared for options!

Understanding the Jargon

I will protect your interests and will guide you through the complex contract process making sure that you understand what you are signing. The terminology that is used is standard, but you need to know and understand what you are committing to and what leverage you may have in the negotiation process. I will talk you through all of the paper work and ensure that you fully understand your committments.

Dynamic Negotiation

You want the best deal - and I want you to get that deal! Whether you are buying or selling, I'm there to help negotiate the large and small items in a transaction. We'll look at the different leverage you have and how we can maximize your place in the transaction. Leverage may not simply be in financial terms, it could be as simple as being prepared to move fast or include certain chattels.

Knowing the Right People

It's not what you know it's who you know - well almost. Real Estate is a professional industry and encompasses both legal, financial and construction professionals. I will provide you with several options for professional services that meet your needs. I won't choose people for you to work with - that's your decision, but I will provide professionals that I know of good reputation to make sure the advice you get is the very best.

Crossing the T's and Dotting the I's

Nobody wants a deal to fall through because something has been overlooked. As a Real Estate Professional, it's my job to make sure that all the T's are crossed and all the I's are dotted.  I will work like the conductor of an orchestra, bringing the parties to your deal together and making sure that deadlines are met, financing is in place at the right time and that you are fully protected through the transaction.

There when you need me

I'm always available on my cell number and you can contact me in person or online pretty much all day every day. You need a Realtor who is there for you and protecting your interests. I'll be there when you need me.

More than just a sale

The purchase or sale of your home is a transacvtion - it may take a few weeks to prepare and finalise, but it's a transaction. I'm about more than that - I want you to look back at the work we do together and to recommend me to your friends and colleagues and I want to be the person you think of 20 years later when you decide to move again. My reputation and integrity mean more than just a sale as does our relationship.