Nanaimo- Harbour City

Nanaimo is now a beautiful coastal community nestled on the east coast of Vancouver Island on the Pacific Ocean of Western Canada. Nanaimo was first inhabited by the Coast Salish people, and up until the first settler ships arrived in 1854, it was predominently uninhabited and a small community. In 1853, First Nations Chief Che-wich-i-kan (ki­st-sa-kum) paddled a canoe loaded with coal taken from the ground in the area to Victoria, where it was thought to be of sufficient quality to send coal mining administrators to the area to extract the black rock.

Coal mining was the primary industry from 1853 to 1953 and was later superceded by timber and logging activities.

Nanaimo has a rich cultural past and celebrates it's heritage through street art, public parts and performance each year.  There are several community events that are held on an annual basis and well attended by the population of just under 90,000. As it is banked by shoreline, Nanaimo benefits from beautiful shoreline, crags and bays. Newcastle Island is a small island located just offshore and an easy canoe paddle or ferry ride from the city dock and offers nature trails, pathways and overnight camping. Close by is the small Protection Island, where holiday cottages and local residents cohabit in a diverse and welcoming community. Farther offshore is the larger Gabriola Island, serviced by BC Ferries and offering island living at an affordable price.

With a diverse history and culture, Nanaimo has grown over the years and now has many community neighbourhoods, each with distinct characteristics and styles of property. From character dwellings in the south end of the City, through historic property in the downtown and commercial area, to oceanside homes overlooking the sea and into modern suburbian neighbourhoods - Nanaimo has something for eveyone.