What's My Home Worth?

Knowing what your property is worth and helping you achieve the best price is one of the key roles of your realtor. Andrew will prepare a comprehensive market valuation report for your property that will give you an indication of the price point that your home should be listed at.

Your price range is a process of market research, comparison and accounting for external factors such as demand for a particular style of housing, location and amenities and the functionality of your home. The market valuation report is a way of documenting market research and presenting it in a way that is easy to understand and that indicates the lowest and highest price point before we list your home.

The Market Valuation Report

The market valuation report consists of several sections;

  • Comparable properties - what other properties are currently on the market and how much are they listed at?
  • Recently Sold properties - Properties that have been sold recently in your area and with similar construction and configuration as your property.
  • Market Demand - An analysis of market demand and needs, identifiying demographic that are actively seeking properties that meet the same specification as your home.
  • Aesthetics - Decor, construction and functionality. What features does your home have that will put that extra 'wow factor' into the sale?

Your report will be presented in a folder so that you can make notes and discuss it with your realtor. We will also provide a copy of the market valuation report in electronic format.

Why would I need a market appraisal if I'm not selling my home?

The Nanaimo real estate market is currently very active, with the latest statistics from the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board showing that more homes are being sold than this time last year - and that means an active marketplace. You may not be thinking about selling your home, but the home of your dreams may be just around the corner and knowing how much value there is in your home will help you make an informed decision whether to sell or not at this time. The FREE market appraisal is a great way to gain valuable insight into your home's market value.

What if I don't agree with your valuation?

The market valuation is a process of market research and statistical analysis and is usually the most accurate way of determining your homes value. However, there may be reasons that you wish to set your listing price either higher or lower than the price we suggest. We understand that people have different needs and we'll discuss with you the best way to achieve your goals, even if it means listing the property at a price point that is different to our suggestion. We will advise you of the benefits or pitfalls of listing either lower or higher than our suggested listing price - and you have the right to list your home at whatever price you are comfortable with.

How much does it cost to get your report?

Your Market Valuation is a FREE service that I offer to prospective clients. The report includes a lot of research into your property and comparable properties. This research is formatted into a comprehensive report and prepared for you. I don't charge anything for the market evaluation report and you have no obligation to list your home with me.