How much can I borrow?

There are strict rules governing the maximum that you can borrow to finance the purchase of your home. A high Loan to Value (LTV) rate is usually set at a maximum of 80% by most lending institutions.  In some cases it may be possible to borrow more although this is usually difficult to arrange.

The mortgage calculator below will give you an approximate monthly repayment according to your income and the amount of deposit you can afford to pay.


Annual Income ($):
Partner(s) Income ($):
Purchase Price/Mortgage Required:
Mortgage Amoritization:

How many years will the mortgage run?

Loan Term:
Interest rate:
Please note: The figures shown in the calculations above are intended as a guideline to assist in calculating the amount of financing necessary to purchase a new home. The actual cost of borrowing may vary and independent advice should be sought from a qualified lending institution. These numbers are for illustrative purposes only